Managing Depression: 5 Small Changes That Contribute to More Comfort and Peace

Trying to manage our depression symptoms can feel like an uphill battle with no relief. At a time when we already feel alone, we tend to isolate ourselves from loved ones and friends. With the recent pandemic, it is no surprise that more people are dealing with symptoms of depression.

It can be hard to find moments of peace when everything feels like a battle. When we deal with depression, it can be hard to find anything that brings us happiness or comfort. 

Here are five small changes you can make to bring more peace to your life daily.

1. Exercise Daily

No matter what type of physical activity you are participating in, your body releases endorphins which are stress-reducing hormones. You don’t have to go into a full-blown workout to receive the benefits. Even just going on a quick 10-minute walk around the block can release these endorphins. 

Your physical and mental health will thank you!

2. Text A Friend

It is easy to want to isolate ourselves. Our inner critic may often try to convince us that we are a burden to our friends and family. 

To challenge these thoughts, call or text someone you haven’t talked to in a while! Whether that is a family member you haven’t talked to in some time or a friend you need to catch up with—they will appreciate that you took time out of your day to talk to them and that you were thinking of them.

3. Journal

You don’t have to be a writer to get the benefits from journaling. 

Those of us who deal with depression often tend to bottle things up inside. When we keep our emotions inside, we think we are doing others a favor by not bothering them, which chances are we aren’t. But we are not doing ourselves any favors by keeping everything inside. 

Even if you don’t want to talk about what’s going on to someone else, try journaling. It provides a great way to release your emotions and thoughts into the universe. It’s a simple, private way to vent and work out what you are going through. You don’t even have to write it out on a piece of paper—we all have at least our phone or a tablet with us at all times. Download a notepad app and let those feelings out. 

4. Meditate

Getting our minds to calm down and just be in the moment is something everyone struggles with. With the craziness of the world right now, it is hard to even think about meditating. 

You don’t have to go crazy with meditating, but even something as simple as working through breathing exercises can help you find clarity at the moment. When you start to feel too overwhelmed during the day, take five minutes and look up breathing exercises or meditation music on your favorite app. 

5. Do One Small Activity You Like

It’s normal for people with depression to stop doing the activities they like. The irony of this is that these activities are often the very things we need to help improve our moods, but lack of motivation and happiness prevents us from wanting to.

You don’t need to spend hours, or even an hour, picking up an old hobby. Try picking up that book you have been wanting to finish and just read for 10 minutes. Start that craft project you wanted to do for a while and work on it in 20-minute chunks. When you break up the activities you like doing into smaller times, it won’t feel as overwhelming, but you’ll still get the benefit from the activity.

Managing depression can often feel overwhelming. When you have no idea where to start, chances are, you won’t. By setting up daily routines and doing smaller things each day, you can not only begin to train your brain to combat depression but manage the symptoms as well.

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