Why You Don’t Seize the Day (Although It’s Hardwired in You)

Carpe diem. 

There’s no doubt you’ve heard the phrase before and know exactly what it means—seize the day!

People are actually hardwired to “carpe diem.” Take a look through the history books and you will find centuries of individuals seizing every moment in order to make both major changes and find personal fulfillment. 

We are not meant to sit around all day doing nothing. It’s not what our bodies were meant to do and certainly not what our minds were designed for. But what happens if you don’t feel like seizing the moment, let alone the day? 

If you’re unmotivated and can’t seem to find your drive to make the most of each day, there could be several underlying factors. Let’s take a look at why you don’t seize the day and how you can overcome those issues. 

You Look at the Negative Side of Things

It’s hard to seize the day when you feel like there is nothing worth seizing. Are you constantly being told to “look on the bright side” because you tend to see the negative in everything? 

If you have a pessimistic view of your own life, your chances of success, or of finding happiness, you’re less likely to get out there and make things happen. You might also fail to see the benefits or rewards of the things you do. But even the smallest decisions can offer big benefits. The problem is, if you choose not to see them for what they are, you will be less likely to make those decisions. Instead, you might find yourself sitting in complacency. 

While you don’t need to be Mister or Misses Positive all the time, it’s good practice to find the positive (even if it’s small) in anything. Positivity fends off complacency.

You Set Unrealistic Goals

Setting goals for yourself is a good thing. In fact, it can actually a big source of motivation. But if you set goals that are impossible to reach, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed, and it can even impact your self-esteem if you feel like there is no way you can reach them. 

As a result, you will be less likely to even try. This sets up a failure mindset. Instead of failing, it’s easier to do nothing, so you choose not to “seize the opportunities” laid out in front of you. 

While setting goals is great, make sure you’re setting “mini-goals” along the way to keep you motivated as you work toward your larger achievements. It’s okay to create big plans for yourself and follow your dreams. But do it in a way that is actually achievable for you. 

You Don’t Believe in Yourself

The power of self-esteem can go a long way when it comes to seizing the day. After all, if you don’t think you have any skills or talents, why would you choose to jump on each day and live it to the fullest? 

People who seize the day don’t choose to do it because of their skill levels or natural gifts. They are willing to work for the things they achieve. That hard work and attitude of dedication is what builds skills and talents over time. The more you learn and grow, the easier it is to tackle each day with confidence. 

Some people build up their self-esteem by reciting personal mantras. For others, self-care is an important part of boosting confidence. Think about the things you’re good at and focus on those skills as you work on building new ones. 

If you’re having trouble finding the motivation to seize the day or grab onto opportunities that come your way, feel free to contact Integrative Psychotherapy Group. Together, we can work on finding out any other underlying reasons why you might be unmotivated. 

Once you’re able to conquer those thoughts and negative habits, you can start grabbing each day by the horns and living it to the fullest.